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Reiki Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing - Berlin

reklatan. Harmony of
body, mind & spirit

Reiki Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing - Berlin
About me

Hi, I am Zuzanna.


You can approach me if you need the healing light of Reiki. I can also help you to change old mechanisms and habits, and to find solutions to your daily problems.


You will discover how to be a part of a greater whole. We can start from where you are, step by step.


I offer individual and group session in Berlin. I speak German, Polish, English, and Indonesian.

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Reiki Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing - Berlin

Reiki Energy Kungfu Love Affirmation Transformation Acceptance Normality.

My philosophy is based on a belief in the unity and purposefulness of the Universe. Where we, regardless of gender, age and background have tasks to complete. The completion of these tasks leads us to unity with the Universe.


The conditions for discovering these tasks are harmony, skilful listening to oneself, and therefore unity of body, mind and spirit. Only when we have an equally important and audible voice, can we feel at peace in the here and now. Therefore, the most important aspects of my work are the levels of body, mind, spirit and intellect.


This is where the idea for the concept "Journey into yourself" came from. "Journey into yourself" includes workshops and travel, personal consultations, Reiki sessions and your own individual plan for development. You can join at any time, for one or more meetings, depending on your needs. The aim of this work is to bring you back into contact with yourself, by feeling and responding, opening you up to fulfilment, joy in life and your soul's purpose.

Reiki treatment & courses

Reiki creates many beneficial effects that include stress reduction, relaxation, feelings of peace, security and well-being. It is a simple, natural and safe method of self-improvement. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. 

Personal consultation

Work during the personal consultation is based upon the conversation with the client. Over time, the session becomes an oasis and a synonym of being here and now, the beginning of discovering this oasis within itself, regardless of time and place.

Workshops & travels

I will guide you through the beautiful nature of the mountains, coasts or volcanos. One trip - one workshop, thousands of opportunities to capture the moments, to stop and see where you are in your life. A trip where you feel connected with each other & learn to build harmonious relationships.


"Zuzanna helps me strengthen my trust towards the universe and to get out of my head and embrace the feeling and the abundance. She reminds me of the connection with myself and with the all-embracing and eternal universal/spiritual life energy that we seem to often forget in our daily lives."


"Zuzanna has held a mirror for me to see things I was struggling to work on, but knew that I wanted to address. I describe them as the protective walls I put up around me, but was unhappy about how they held me back. I was aware of part of the problem, yet not willing to see some of the more natural options I had to address these issues within. Growth always requires you to be honest with yourself. Alongside these more tumultuous  journies, there was also a really rewarding discovery of joys and my desire for happiness that I am equally thankful for. My hard work has paid off and Zuzanna's support and methods have been a propellant for this growth.


With a mixed approach that addresses professional, personal, physical and emotional aspects, I think the most valuable thing I can share about my journey with Zuzanna has been that these changes are not temporary, but have strong roots and wide-reaching results. Zuzanna helped me to express my inner creativity and intuition in productive ways that many close to me have noticed and shared with me that it is evident."


"My work with Zuzanna started with Reiki, and after a few session, we switched to consultations. My life changed in many aspects, the most important - I feel calmer. She becomes my life and spiritual teacher that guides me and give me supportive space."


"Zuza and Natalia demonstrate professionalism as well as an incredible talent, dedication and care in leading a life-changing experience with an integrative and holistic approach. I can guarantee that your efforts and discomfort will not be vain. You will not be the same after and you will still be you, a freer and more authentic version of you."


"Thanks to my trip to Indonesia with Zuzanna I could feel calmness and strength again. I discovered that my confusion and uncertainty is only a sign towards further exploration. A sign from my soul that wants to grow."


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