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About me

I am Reiki Master and Communication Trainer. Based on my experience I will guide you in the areas of energy & bodywork, communication, sexuality & psychological mechanisms. I offer individual and group session in Berlin, where I currently live.

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Reiki Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing - Berlin
My story

From an early age, I felt that there was something Greater. This probably made it easier for me to see that adult life tended to follow a pattern causing me to feel like I was being locked in a cage. My family has experienced different times - better and worse ones. But over the years, I can say that thanks to my parents - their efforts, commitment, and love - I had it all. Yes, I say this with a clear conscience. I had a complete, loving family, good friends, health, academic results and achievements.

Despite this, I felt lonely and my whole self was searching. I was searching and longing for something Greater. And I couldn't find it. To be honest, I didn't even know what to look for, or if the feeling that I was longing for the inside of me and in my whole body even existed.

Then I met my husband - and this meeting changed my life. Thanks to him, I embarked on the path of spiritual and personal growth, which leads to oneness and partnership. The path to self and to the soul's purpose. I have been on this journey for more than 10 years. What have I learned? What have I done?

Reiki mastery

I have been practicing Reiki for 10 years. In 2018 I became a Reiki Master, since then I have been conducting individual sessions and Reiki learning courses.

As a practitioner, the flow of Reiki has helped me develop and strengthen parts of my character, enabling me to deal with difficult challenges in a more positive way.


I lived in Indonesia for two years, I studied the Indonesian language becoming fluent in it. I know the country and its people well and know where to find the hidden gems of this land. As part of the concept "Journey into yourself", I organize trips around Indonesia every year.

Therapy sessions

I completed a study to prepare for the state exam for the "Heilpraktiker f. Psychotherapie". Therefore I have knowledge in the field of psychopathology. Passing the exam is the next step to achieving my full goal. I use this knowledge in therapy sessions with individual clients and in groups.


Additionally, I co-lead Reiki workshops and have been a guest practitioner at several development and bodywork workshops (in Italy, Denmark and Germany). I have participated in Family Constellations, Tantric workshops, as well as sessions with a Sufi teacher and Sufi Dances. I taught myself how to play the Tibetan bowl, which I use to break up energy blockages. I also have 8 years of experience in Human Resources.

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Reiki Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing
Reiki Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic HealingJPG
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