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March 2023



Journey into yourself – Accept life as it is

Do you feel your heartbeat? Do you miss oneness, balance and connection?

Journey into yourself – Accept life as it is

Time & Location

March 2023

Bali, Bali, Indonesia

About the Event

Come to Indonesia for personal development retreat from the series “Journey into yourself”*. The main topic of the workshop is: Accept life as it is. You will learn to feel your body, distinguish your emotions and feelings, have the courage to express your needs and make friends with your soul, heart and body. You will learn to live fully, you will experience the depth of the significance of "taking and giving."

During our retreat you will discover the depth of interpersonal, verbal and non-verbal communication, you will explore the law of hemispheres - the causes and consequences of your behaviour, you will see yourself through the lens of transactional analysis. You will experience the connection of your worlds, spiritual, personal and professional.

I have been working intensely for 10 years in the field of spirituality, body work and practice of communication theory. I

am here for you to take you on a journey. I am your guide through the labyrinth of your mind, body and heart. Do you feel

your heartbeat now?


You'll discover, slowly, the human you are. You will see, how you would like to be. And I will help you become that person.

How? Leading you by the hand over the bridges of neurons of your brain, through the jungles of your emotions. Do you

prefer more precisely?

* Work with the body - kung fu, Tantra and non-verbal communication.

* Work with the spirit - Reiki, mantras and tai-chi.

* Work with the heart - breath, love and honesty in looking into own face.

* And the mind? It's going on a great vacation to Indonesia.

Like true wild goddesses and gods, beauty and luxury will surround us, dense rain forests, thousands of temples, impressive volcanoes, hotsprings, boundless dream beaches, waterfalls. We will inspire our physical, mental and spiritual exercises from the heart of this land. This is an active retreat of everyone embracing adventure.


Our workshop leader, Zuzanna, lived in Indonesia for two years, studied the Indonesian language and is fluent in it. She knows the land, the people, and where the hidden gem local experiences are to be had. You will experience Indonesia like the locals do.


During our workshop we will combine work and play. With Reiki as our main method supplemented by energy work, mysticism, bodywork, psychotherapy techniques. We will use the power of rituals to connect with Mother Earth and with ourselves. You will work individually and in groups.

Here is a sample of some of our activities:

+ Travel to Bali and nearby islands

+ Enjoy nature and challenge our limits by climbing a volcano

+ Reiki Rain in the forest

+ Kung Fu on the beach

+ Shiatsu massages in the ocean

+ Kayaking in the midst of coastal idylls

+ Rafting on Balinese rivers

+ Experience Indonesian food, culture and city life

The daily schedule will be adapted to how the “energy flows” e.g the

weather, group dynamics etc. Also, receiving Reiki Level 1 and 2 attunement will be possible.

* * * * * * * PRACTICAL INFORMATION * * * * * * *


10 days (excluding round trip)


between 17 and 29 March 2023 (exact dates will be announced)


Bali // Airport: Denpasar Airport [DPS]


670 EUR - workshop (10% discount for the participants of the previous retreats)

800 EUR - accommodation, food, local transport, additional costs like entrance fees,

hiring a guide, etc.


Participants must make their own travel arrangements and arrive at agreed place and time.


Natalia Kuraszyńska:, +45 50 29 98 21

* * * * * * * WHO ARE THE ORGANIZERS? * * * * * * *


Zuzanna Dobak is a Reiki Master & Teacher, HR Professional and Communication Trainer. Based on her personal and professional knowledge and experience she can help you and guide you in the areas of energy & bodywork, communication, sexuality & internal psychological mechanisms. Zuzanna offers individual and group session in Berlin, where she have been living for many years. She is fascinated by Indonesian culture, she speaks Indonesian and organises journeys to Indonesia which are part of the “Journey into yourself”* project.


Natalia Kuraszynska is a Reiki Master and a leader of Reiki Circle in Copenhagen. She is fascinated by various forms of bodywork and sound healing and seeks to broaden her horizons at every opportunity. Moreover, she has been participating

in Family Constellations under her Reiki teacher, Przemek Dobak, for more than 5 years, and now she organises all of his

workshops in Denmark and abroad.

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