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Personal consultation

This is the time when you can communicate what it is that you want to work on- dilemmas, events, challenges, emotions, thoughts, dreams and memories will all find a place here, where they will be safe and acknowledged. Sometimes there is a need to share concerns and look for answers to current challenges.

What happens in the consultation?

Every meeting is different, this is uniquely time for you and what you have come with, what you are working on, what you are currently experiencing.


We sit facing each other, you hold a cup of tea in your hands, you feel the armchair hugging you and protect you from the world, while I ask you leading questions, sometimes provocative, always requiring you to concentrate on your body and voice from within. This session is complemented with body exercises, body scanning, and discussing tasks. It will be challenging at the beginning of our collaboration.


Over time, the session becomes an oasis and a synonym of being here and now, and the beginning of discovering this oasis within yourself, regardless of time and place.

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