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Privacy policy

1. General terms and Data Controller
1.1 This privacy policy on the processing of personal data describes how Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing collects and processes information about you.
1.2 The Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing Privacy Policy is applicable for personal data that you provide to us or that we collect via (“the Website”).
1.3 Data Controller for the Website is Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing (please find contact information in clause 7 below).


2. Categories of personal data that we collect, purpose and legal basis
Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing does not collect any personal data.


3. Data protection of children
3.1 We are aware of the special need for data protection involving children.
3.2 We do not collect personal data about.


4. This site also uses cookies: more information.


5. With whom do we share your personal data?
Zuzanna Dobak - Holistic Healing does not share personal data with anyone as such data is not collected.

6. Contact information
6.1 If you have any questions or wish to exercise your rights, please contact us.

Tel: +49 (0) 175 4165513

Putlitzstrasse 1910551 Berlin


7. Changes to the Privacy Policy
7.1 We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. We will announce any changes made on the Website at appropriate notice.
7.2 The Privacy Policy in force and effect from time to time is available on the Website.

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